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De: Dale Carnegie & Associates
Narrado por: Dan Strutzel
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At Dale Carnegie Training, we agree that some things never change. After all, the timeless principles that our founder Dale Carnegie established are still as practical and relevant today as ever.

Now that the citizens of our world have made radical shifts because of the global pandemic, and adjusted to remote work and social distancing, the ways we used to connect with others may seem distant or even obsolete. We yearn for real connection, deep and meaningful interactions that are based on commonality instead of what we can get from one another.

In our modern world, it's become normalized to have conflict with those who are different from us. This can make some people skeptical and suspicious when we reach out to them for connection.

Yet, those are the very situations where connection matters most. True, genuine connection can create commonality from difference. And once that is done, conflict decreases. We may not agree with the other person, but we can step inside their world for awhile. And understand their perspective, and maybe change our own.

The truth is, it's easier to change ourselves than our circumstances. And, we can change our circumstances by changing ourselves.

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