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Rebuilding Earth  Por  capa

Rebuilding Earth

De: Teresa Coady, Christiana Figueres - foreword, Elizabeth May - afterword
Narrado por: Lisa Lindsley
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A revolutionary guide to designing humane, eco-conscious homes, buildings, and cities of the future.

It is estimated that the earth's population will expand to an unprecedented nine billion people over the next century. This explosion in population is predicted to place further stress on our environment, deplete our natural resources, and lead to increases in anxiety and depression due to overcrowding. In this visionary and uplifting audiobook, Teresa Coady offers listeners new hope. Rebuilding Earth is her blueprint for designing and building the cities, buildings, and homes of tomorrow, resulting in more conscious, sustainable, and humane living. 

Coady shows us how we can shift from an outdated Industrial-Age framework to a more humane, digital-age framework. This revolutionary approach will enable communities to harness various forms of green energy and reduce the amount of material needed to build infrastructure while contributing to a healthier planet (and society). We can then experience a new sense of purpose, health, and happiness. 

Meaningful and lasting change, the author tells us, can only come through designing interconnected communities that are vibrant, resilient, and communal. Unlike most predictions of doom and gloom, Coady presents a refreshingly optimistic view of humanity and its future. This audiobook will appeal to those in the construction, design, and development finance industries, as well as anyone interested in improving their lives through understanding the connections between the environment and health. 

©2020 Teresa Coady (P)2020 North Atlantic Books

Resumo da Crítica

"This book extends current ideas about green building to incorporate a much richer and deeper connection to earth systems, wild habitats, and human behavior. Rebuilding Earth is an ambitious book that carries a reminder that our remarkable human resilience and intelligence 'are strengths to be leveraged' in reimagining and remaking a better world." (Foreword Reviews)

"Rebuilding Earth is a splendidly idiosyncratic compendium of facts; inspiring stories about emerging possibilities; good advice about how to use smart science; and goodwill to make human activity and the natural environment enriching to each other. Teresa Coady is at her best when she is thinking like an architect, explaining how we can design, build, and operate buildings so as to improve lives while harnessing natural materials and processes in ways that are sustainable in material, human, and social terms. The heart of this fact-laden and eminently readable book lies in designing buildings and communities that can deliver happier lives for current and future inhabitants, supported by an immense respect for the complexity of the natural environment." (John Helliwell, DPhil, coeditor of the World Happiness Report and professor emeritus, Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia)

"Teresa Coady offers a rigorous analysis of why a systems- and nature-based, inclusive way ofdeveloping for the lives and livelihoods of all on this vulnerable planet is not a choice but a necessity.This book is a call to action for a comprehensive, step-by-step rebuilding of our future andour planet.” (Henk Ovink, special envoy for International Water Affairs, Kingdom of the Netherlands, andSherpa to the UN/WB High Level Panel on Water)

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