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Sidewinder  Por  capa


De: L.T. Ryan, Brian Shea
Narrado por: Marnye Young
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R$ 19,90/mês após o teste gratuito de 30 dias. Cancele a qualquer momento.

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In the heart of the sun-scorched deserts of Arizona lies Diamondback, a town where secrets slither through the sands and danger coils in the shadows.

Rachel Hatch is sent on an off-the-book fact-finding mission, a favor for Jordan Tracy, her team leader at Talon Executive Services. The task seems simple enough. Turn over enough stones is bound to find some dirt, and in some cases, a snake.

Retired detective Harvey Linden becomes an unwilling pawn in a deadly game of chess. Haunted by a career-defining arrest shrouded in controversy.

Taking down Anton Novik, head of a Belarussian criminal syndicate, made him a target. His attempt at giving a better life to his wife and young children, trading the badge for a private security startup, failed to keep him off the mob’s list. A ghost from Linden’s past demands a favor that threatens to unravel the lives of those he loves most, and, if he is not careful, it may put them in the crosshairs.

Hatch with her stalwart partner, Ed Banyan, set out to uncover the truth. In doing so, their path crosses those caught in Novik's venomous plot. The stakes rise, spiraling into a lethal confrontation where the past’s poison threatens to obliterate the future.

SIDEWINDER is a pulse-pounding thriller that will grip Rachel Hatch's fans to the very last minute. In this nerve-fraying adventure, Hatch is pushed to the edge, testing the very limits of her endurance. With each twist and turn, prepare to question everything you thought you knew about bravery, loyalty, and sacrifice.

©2024 L.T. Ryan (P)2024 Liquid Mind Media

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