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The Frindle Files  Por  capa

The Frindle Files

De: Andrew Clements
Narrado por: Keith Nobbs
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One last gift to teachers and audiences from Andrew Clements: A sequel to his most beloved, landmark book, Frindle. While the original is a love letter to writing and the power of words, The Frindle Files shows us that using those words carefully—that speaking up—can make all the difference.

Josh Willet is a techie, a serious gamer. Nothing’s better than writing code or downloading a new release. Which is why Mr. N’s ELA class is such a slog; it’s a strict no-tech zone. It feels like being stuck inside a broken time machine. Mr. N makes the kids write everything out on paper, he won’t use a Smart Board, and he’s obsessed with some hundred-year-old grammar book.

Then one night, while s-l-o-w-l-y finishing an assignment by hand, Josh discovers a secret. Turns out Mr. N’s been keeping a lot more than technology from his students! Josh and his best friend, Vanessa, are determined to solve the mystery and rally the other kids around their cause. And maybe—just maybe—get some screen time back, too.

More than 25 years after the publication of Frindle, and set one whole generation later, The Frindle Files is a gift left by the beloved Andrew Clements before he passed away. It’s a story that’s both timeless and timely—about the importance of language, of digging deep to find answers, and of challenging what you think you know to imagine what is possible. Filled with humor and Clements' potent, no-nonsense prose, The Frindle Files is an inspiring, thoughtful, remarkable novel that will grace children's and classroom shelves for another 25 years.

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